Pac-Man ! (AKA NGC-281)

Tonight, we may finally have a few hours of clear-skies and I am a bit sick of working with Andromeda (M31).

We’ve been stuck under a layer of obnoxious smoke for the last few weeks from the huge fires in Oregon and California. Finally, we had some (torrential) rain that cleared the smoke… and brought in the clouds. So we can breathe but not see…

However, there is a brief window from 10pm to 1am tonight where I might be able to sneak in some imaging, so I’m going to get prepped and try to snap up the Pac-man !

Links to some other Pac-Man pages

Galactic Hunters

Astro Backyard

On the one hand, this may be a bit smaller than I would like to image. See below for the field of view I am expecting to get at 300mm on the APS-C sensor

View below from

However, given that it’s right next to Cassiopeia, then I ought to be able to get it in frame (hopefully) so fingers crossed I can get a decent image.

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