[IMAGE] – Andromeda Galaxy (M31)

Primary Name: Andromeda Galaxy (M31)
Alternate names: NGC 224, Andromeda Nebula
Type: Barred spiral galaxy
Coordinates: RA: 00h 42m 44.3s, Dec: +41° 16′ 9″
Links: WikiSky, Wikipedia, NED, Telescopious, AstroBin 

Capture Details:
Date(s): Aug. 25, 2020
Light Frames: 59x60"
Integration: 1.0 hours
Avg. Moon age: 7.11 days
Avg. Moon phase: 47.12%

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Nikon 70-300mm f4.5-f5.6 @ 200MM
Imaging cameras: Nikon D5300
Mounts: iOptron Skyguider Pro
Software: PixInsight, APT

Session Details:
This was the third time capturing M31 and my best so far. The above capture details may be a bit approximate as some of this is lost in the mists of time. This is a delicate target ad my early attempts at processing were ... feeble. I finally got a good result by following the excellent M31 tutorial at Light Vortex. This was also my first processing with PixInsight. 

This is definitely a target I need to return to with the refractor and a much better setup. The plan will be to take some longer and shorter exposures and blend them together for a final result.

This one is not going to win and AAPODs but I am still proud of it.

AstroBin: https://www.astrobin.com/94054v/B/?nc=user

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