Pac-Man ! (AKA NGC-281)

Tonight, we may finally have a few hours of clear-skies and I am a bit sick of working with Andromeda (M31). We’ve been stuck under a layer of obnoxious smoke for the last few weeks from the huge fires in Oregon and California. Finally, we had some (torrential) rain that cleared the smoke… and broughtContinue reading “Pac-Man ! (AKA NGC-281)”

Ahhhhhh! (APT and “1:1” mode)

So I was really irritated with my failure the other night and stewing over it. While doing that, I wanted to verify if the USB hub was the culprit for the slow data transfer. I took a shot with the 60MM lens with APT and sure enough, pretty fast. The image was completely black thoughContinue reading “Ahhhhhh! (APT and “1:1” mode)”

Setting up the D5300

Setting up a DSLR for astrophotography essentially means turning off approximately every feature that most users of these cameras are so excited to have. Anything that alters or processes the image, anything that displays images (chance of ruining shots or dark-adjusted vision), anything that beeps, sings or dances etc. This includes autofocus as most DSLRsContinue reading “Setting up the D5300”