Nikon D5300 – Lossy NEF Compression (AKA Nikon Concentric ring problem)

So, one of the huge benefits to shooting RAW on a DSLR is the increase in image quality over JPEG – you are recording exactly what the sensor sees, as compared to a “visually lossless” image such as a JPEG. Of course, JPEG was mostly designed around regular images of the world around us andContinue reading “Nikon D5300 – Lossy NEF Compression (AKA Nikon Concentric ring problem)”

Setting up the D5300

Setting up a DSLR for astrophotography essentially means turning off approximately every feature that most users of these cameras are so excited to have. Anything that alters or processes the image, anything that displays images (chance of ruining shots or dark-adjusted vision), anything that beeps, sings or dances etc. This includes autofocus as most DSLRsContinue reading “Setting up the D5300”

The Camera – Nikon D5300

One thing I have realized, is that starting out astrophotography with your 10 year old underwater imaging gear leaves something to be desired. A lot in fact. I had a Nikon D300 which was in awesome shape, and most of the articles online about starting in astrophotography recommend using the gear you have. However, whileContinue reading “The Camera – Nikon D5300”