Nikon D5300 – Lossy NEF Compression (AKA Nikon Concentric ring problem)

So, one of the huge benefits to shooting RAW on a DSLR is the increase in image quality over JPEG – you are recording exactly what the sensor sees, as compared to a “visually lossless” image such as a JPEG. Of course, JPEG was mostly designed around regular images of the world around us andContinue reading “Nikon D5300 – Lossy NEF Compression (AKA Nikon Concentric ring problem)”

Quick Tip #3: [Telescope Simulator]

Following on from the previous Quick Tip on N.I.N.As Manual rotator. What if you want to make use of plate solving and the manual rotator but you don’t have a GOTO mount? What’s to be done for us owners of SkyGuider Pro’s and Star Adventurers ? Well obviously with no GOTO, you will have toContinue reading “Quick Tip #3: [Telescope Simulator]”