Quick Tip #2: [N.I.N.A] – Manual Rotator

There are many times when you need to put the scope to a very specific place and orientation in the sky. Some common cases are: Multi-night projects If you need to slew off to refocus on a bright star Changing filters For mosaics Getting the camera back to the same location in the sky canContinue reading “Quick Tip #2: [N.I.N.A] – Manual Rotator”

Quick Tip #1: [Pixinsight] – Unlinked stretch

There are so many things I’ve learned or picked up along my journey into astrophotography. Many of these things I’ve learned the hard way but also a lot have been through the help of others. In order to pay some of this forward, I am starting a series on some tips & tricks I haveContinue reading “Quick Tip #1: [Pixinsight] – Unlinked stretch”

My Very (Very) First AstroImage – M31

So my goal for 2020 when I first ordered the SkyGuider Pro was to create one image that I would feel OK with showing to someone not related to or living with me. Well, it was actually “Of Jupiter” since that’s the first thing I looked at with the Dobsonian scope, but then I didContinue reading “My Very (Very) First AstroImage – M31”